About Bob

Luděk Bob Jankovský

  • Data Architect
  • Metadata-driven solutions evangelist
  • Data integration
  • Business Intelligence
  • Data-driven enterprise support

I am a Data Architect and IT Solution Architect of Data-driven projects. I have over
20 years of experience in Data integration, BI, Data warehouses, and real-time
Operational data stores, Data privacy, and MDM in various business domains. I am a
Metadata-driven solutions evangelist. I am seeking challenges with an impact to
Data Architecture, Data Science, and Data Governance where I can use my
experience along with a passion for new ideas.

Just another CV

“ETL patterns also hold a lot of promise for future data warehouse design and development. At the time of this writing, there were no published catalogs of ETL patterns. However, Bob Jankovsky has a web-based collection of metadata-driven ETL patterns that deserve consideration (Jankovsky 2008)”
Ken Collier; Agile Analytics, 2012

Luděk Bob Jankovský
Kladenská 697/33
160 00 Praha 6
Czech Republic
Phone:+420 724 541 479